Mapred unable to find keys that use bucket types

Mikhail Pustovalov mpustovalov at
Thu Feb 5 13:55:09 EST 2015

I am using MapReduce just as a way to get multiple keys in one query (I
couldn't find a better way). My code used to work with Riak v.1.4 but now
when I try to run it against the latest version (2.0.4) mapred queries
return {error, notfound} for each key supplied.
I have created a bucket type, put my keys inside a bucket in that type.
Simple 'put' and 'get' work fine. This line returns requested object:
This line though:
[{{<<"avs_n2">>,<<"avatars">>},<<145,3,100,41,46>>}],[{map, {modfun,
rc_mapred, map_kv_pairs}, none, true}]).
returns this:
Seems like mapred functions are unable to query using bucket types. Without
bucket types everything still works fine.
Also mapred_bucket over a whole bucket also works fine.
Please, advise. Is it possible to use mapred with newly introduced bucket
types when I want only specific keys and not the full scan of a bucket?

Kind regards,
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