Mapred unable to find keys that use bucket types

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Thu Feb 5 17:24:12 EST 2015

> On Feb 5, 2015, at 12:47 PM, Mikhail Pustovalov <mpustovalov at> wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> Thank you for the prompt reply.
> Although that is exactly what I do. I've noticed that bucket can now be both binary or a tuple {binary, binary} where the first element is bucket type and the second is bucket. And it works for put/get operations and for mapred_bucket which traverses the whole bucket. But what I am trying to achieve is traverse only specified keys and that doesn't seem to work for mapred queiries. Here are the commands that work:
> simple get:
> riakc_pb_socket:get(Pid,{<<"bucket_type">>,<<"bucket">>},<<key>>).
> mapred over the whole bucket:
> riakc_pb_socket:mapred_bucket(Pid, {<<"bucket_type">>,<<"bucket">>}, [{map, {modfun, rc_mapred, map_kv_pairs}, none, true}]).
> but this one fails with the result {ok,[{0,[{error,notfound}]}]}:
> riakc_pb_socket:mapred(Pid, [{{<<"bucket_type">>,<<"bucket">>},<<key>>}],[{map, {modfun, rc_mapred, map_kv_pairs}, none, true}]).
> If you can run a mapred query over specified keys could you please show me an example?

I can try to put together an example.

Do you mind sharing what your map function is doing?

- Chris

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