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Fri Feb 6 11:25:29 EST 2015

On exceptions, your connection to Riak is dropped. Try reconnecting and issuing the get again. {noproc, {gen_server,call is typically the symptom for these scenarios.

On 2/6/15, 3:30 AM, "Babu Sunil" <ssb491989 at<mailto:ssb491989 at>> wrote:

Dear all,

I am facing an issue during PUT operation in RIAK-Erlang.

Problem Details:
1. When I try to PUT a record its showing the below error message.

Code : riakc_pb_socket:put(Pid, CustObj).
Error: {error,<<"{error,locked}">>}

2. When I perform GET operations I am facing the below exception.

** exception exit: {noproc,
     in function  gen_server:call/3 (gen_server.erl, line 188)

Please help me out with to overcome this problem asap.

Riak -2.0.4
Erlang - Erlang R16B02-basho5 (erts-5.10.3)

Thanks & Regards,
Sunil Babu S
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