How to access riak control panel?

Christopher Meiklejohn cmeiklejohn at
Mon Feb 9 21:14:17 EST 2015

> On Feb 9, 2015, at 8:28 PM, SeanProtain <barcojie at> wrote:
> Hi forks,
> I created 2 dev nods dev1/ and dev2/. and I change the dev1/etc/riak.conf with following settings:
> But I still can not access http://localhost:10018/admin. Could you please tell me how should I access the riak-control admin panel? Thank you!


How did you install Riak?  Was it direct from GitHub?  If so, can you run dev/dev1/bin/riak console and attempt to load the page again and let me know if you get an error in the console?

- Chris

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