Simple 3 node test cluster eating all my memory

Simon Hartley Simon.Hartley at
Thu Feb 12 04:51:58 EST 2015


We have a simple 3 node test cluster, and we are seeing this cluster fall-over under quite modest loads, 2-3 times a day with the node reporting out of memory problems.

Our basic details are:

*         Riak 1.4.9

*         3 nodes, each being:

o   A virtual RedHat EL

o   2 x 2.2GHz CPU

o   4GB RAM

*         In-memory back end

*         128 segment ring

We have tried to limit the in-memory max memory by the following setting in app.config:

%% Memory Config
{memory_backend, [
             {max_memory, 32}, %% 32 megabytes
             {ttl, 86400}  %% 1 Day in seconds

The behaviour we are seeing is a sudden and rapid increase in memory allocated to riak, up to 100% available RAM, and then a crash.

This is happening on all 3 nodes (at different times).

When looking through the console.log just prior to the out of memory / crash we see log entries similar to the following appearing:

2015-02-11 16:50:27.356 [info] <0.98.0>@riak_core_sysmon_handler:handle_event:92 monitor large_heap <0.238.0> [{name,riak_core_gossip},{initial_call,{riak_core_gossip,init,1}},{almost_current_function,{riak_core_gossip,update_gossip_vers
ion,1}},{message_queue_len,78}] [{old_heap_block_size,0},{heap_block_size,47828850},{mbuf_size,0},{stack_size,15},{old_heap_size,0},{heap_size,13944475}]

We can't see any errors at the appropriate times in the error.log

We see the following in erlang.log.1:

===== ALIVE Wed Feb 11 17:00:24 GMT 2015
/usr/lib64/riak/lib/os_mon-2.2.9/priv/bin/memsup: Erlang has closed.
Erlang has closed

Crash dump was written to: /var/log/riak/erl_crash.dump
eheap_alloc: Cannot allocate 4454408120 bytes of memory


Anyone any ideas?

Simon Hartley
Solutions Architect

Email: Simon.Hartley at<mailto:Simon.Hartley at>
Skype: +44 (0)113 397 6747
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