Yokozuna unpredictable result count

Cezary Kosko koskocezarym at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 21:13:33 EST 2015


I've got a search index, and I'd like to run mapred job against that index.
The thing is, for a search query that should return exactly one result, I
sometimes (not always, yet not rarely) get none, i.e. the mapred job
returns an empty list instead of, say, a list containing a single object.
Did this only happen some time after uploading the data and then was
consistently giving the right results, I wouldn't object. However, it's
kind of an on-and-off situation - I get proper results, but then for a
brief period of time I don't and so on.

I've read on a solr doc page that specifying a timeAllowed parameter in the
query can give it longer to gather results and help, but that can't be
specified in a mapred definition, or can it?

Is there anything else I can look for?

The data I'm querying is of the CRDT map-of-sets type, should that be of
any relevance.

Kind regards,
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