[riak-user] can store images directly in Riak?

John Daily jdaily at basho.com
Fri Feb 20 10:16:39 EST 2015

Both LevelDB and Bitcask are optimized for smaller objects, so neither will be particularly good at it.

Again: this is possible but discouraged.


On Feb 20, 2015, at 10:01 AM, SeanProtain <barcojie at hotmail.com> wrote:

> HI John,
> Thank you! Then which backend I should choose to store images?
> Subject: Re: [riak-user] can store images directly in Riak?
> From: jdaily at basho.com
> Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2015 09:31:58 -0500
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> You certainly can with some careful tuning.
> However, if Riak is being used for heavy traffic loads, you’ll likely see poor performance as a consequence. Those large objects effectively clog the pipes temporarily.
> Hopefully someone can chime in with tuning recommendations, but make certain allow_mult is set to false; if those images end up with siblings, things can get very ugly.
> We generally recommend Riak CS to manage the chunking of data into Riak to store large objects.
> -John
> On Feb 20, 2015, at 9:13 AM, SeanProtain <barcojie at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Dear, 
> Can I directly store images as big as 2~6MB into riak as an object?
> Thank you!
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