Riak 2.0.2 leveldb uses more disk space than Riak 1.4.x?

Weston Jossey weston.jossey at gmail.com
Sun Jan 11 17:48:16 EST 2015

Hi All,
Just wanted to put out an observation and see if it's either just me, or
something expected.

I've begun updating our large Riak 1.4 cluster to Riak 2.0.  Each cluster
has 43TB spread evenly over 32 nodes.  The riak 2.0 test nodes, after
running for 14 days, have on average around 5% more disk usage (in terms of
size, not IOPS) than the riak 1.4 cluster. Given that the cluster is evenly
balanced, I'd expect all nodes to be roughly the same size (or at least
within a point or two).

Is this expected?  Does this have something to do with the dynamic settings
for the leveldb configuration parameters that is built into Riak 2?

The issue isn't a big one.  I'm just curious if this is expected /
anticipated, as it'll probably be worth noting in the Riak documentation as
part of the upgrade process.

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