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Sean Cribbs sean at basho.com
Tue Jan 13 11:21:06 EST 2015

The version of Solr bundled with Riak 2.0.4 is 4.7.0.

I'm not sure what process would be required to bundle tokenizers and
analyzers, but I suspect it would be similar to how you deploy them with
stock Solr. Some tweaks may need to be made to load customizations.

You cannot upgrade the Solr version by itself because we build a small
amount of custom code into Solr and we want to validate each upgrade before
shipping it. Since it uses some Solr-internal interfaces, we can't
guarantee that our customizations won't break on upgrade.

The search is "planned" on the Riak side (which shards/cores to query, etc)
but executed by Distributed Solr. Search performance is good; Ryan Zezeski
benchmarked it extensively in its initial development. However, the primary
benefit of using Riak's Solr integration is the automatic synchronization
of your key-value data with the search indexes. As key-value data gets
written, handed off, or repaired, your search index is automatically kept
up-to-date via the same mechanism that keeps individual replicas of the
originals in sync.

On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 8:19 AM, Bruno René Santos <
bruno-r-santos at telecom.pt> wrote:

>  Hello,
> I would like to know which solr version is bundled with riak 2.0.4 and if
> we have the freedom to create our own tokenizers and analyzers and
> integrate them on the solr instances. Is it possible to upgrade the Solr
> instance to a newer version?
> And how the search itself occurs? We query riak and riak will query each
> solr instance or we query solr and it will query all other solr instances?
> Our main concern is the overall search performance.
> Best Regards
> Bruno
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