Using apache as a reverse proxy

Fred Grim fgrim at
Wed Jan 14 19:05:42 EST 2015

Hello List,

So I am using apache on ubuntu as a reverse proxy to a riak cluster. Everything seems to work fine except for largish streaming map reduce queries.  The config is:
<VirtualHost *:8098>
    ServerAdmin aperson at
    <Proxy balancer://riak_cluster>
        BalancerMember http://<ip1>:8098
        BalancerMember http://<ip2>:8098
        BalancerMember http://<ip3>:8098
        BalancerMember http://<ip4>:8098
        BalancerMember http://<ip5>:8098
        BalancerMember http://<ip6>:8098
        BalancerMember http://<ip7>:8098
    <Location />
        ProxyPass balancer://riak_cluster/
        ProxyPassReverse balancer://riak_cluster/

What happens is that my streamed queries seem to partially come in which makes me think that the load balancer is switching them or something. I know I am missing some config value in here but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what it is. Does anyone have an example config they could through up?


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