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Hi Ildar,

Would you expound on "created"? Buckets are namespaces in Riak and, in the
general case, do not need to be "created". When you write a key to
"users/jon" the "users" bucket is created. You can also list buckets in
Riak, but it's generally not something you would do in production[1]. That
said, Riak 2.0 introduced the concept of bucket types[2] . Bucket types
allow you to manage various bucket level settings for a range of buckets by
defining a bucket type and then using that bucket type as a sort of
superset namespace to access your bucket/keys.



On Thu, Jan 15, 2015 at 4:39 AM, Ildar Alishev <ildaralishev at>

> Hello everyone.
> I have created list of buckets so just wanted to check if they were
> created. What command should i use?
> Thank you!
> Ildar.
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