Multiget java client performance

Santi Kumar santi at
Mon Jan 19 09:36:21 EST 2015


We are using java client for accessing Riak KV/Search. For some use cases,
we go to search, get the keys and access the data from Riak. There might be
a case where we might get 1000's of keys. So want to understand what is the
impact of that on multiget and how does it scale.

We were using RDBMS and Elastic search earlier. Now we moved all the data
to Riak KV and Search. We used to query all the audit entries from ES as we
used to store the complete data there. Applicaitons flows used to get the
data from RDBMS. Now as we replaced everything with Riak KV and search, We
need to go to Riak Search for auditing reports. If we store all the objects
in Riak Search, how does it impact ?

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