Link Walking and Security

José Ghislain Quenum jose.quenum at
Wed Jan 21 06:21:42 EST 2015

well the application I am developing is Collaboration support tool. You
have a bunch of concepts (organization, project, collaboration activities,
events, etc). Some of these concepts are connected. So, I could have
modeled them with a Relational DB. But I really wanted to take advantage of
Riak's distributed nature. So I decided to use links to model the
connection between the concepts. Now transitioning to Riak 2.0 is a bit of
a problem to me. Since I need to change the design of my DB and remove
links and their walking. I have been considering moving the links to a
graph DB like Neo4j or even redesign the links as additional attributes in
the concepts themselves. None of these seems like a clean solution to me.
If I could have pointers about new ways of designing connections or links
in risk 2.0 without using link walking that'd be cool.
Any help?

On Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 1:10 PM, Christopher Meiklejohn <
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> On Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 12:07 PM, José Ghislain Quenum
> <jose.quenum at> wrote:
> > Then,
> > where can one find pointers or documentation about alternative design to
> > link walking?
> Hi Jose,
> I personally like to think of link walking as one solution that could
> be used to solve many different problems.  Can you clarify a bit about
> the data you are trying to model so we can identify what the best way
> to model it would be?
> Thanks!
> - Chris
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