Link Walking and Security

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thanks again for your clarifications and pointers. I will take a look at
them. There is just one point that you left out. Will there still be the
links entry in the object meta so that I can store links and walk them
manually (using MR)? Or will this functionality completely disappear with
link walking being weed out?

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> On Jan 21, 2015, at 1:23 PM, José Ghislain Quenum <
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> Thanks Chris for your email. MR is the way I do my link walking actually.
> However, I was assuming that the links entry in the meta part of an object
> was going to disappear. Please correct me on that if I am wrong. Otherwise
> I should be just fine then.
> On the other hand I did consider using the new data types, but then found
> out that they were not compatible with functionalities such as 2i, etc. Any
> pointers on that?
> 2i does not currently support CRDTs; however MapReduce and Yokozuna do.
> MapReduce contains no first class support for CRDTs, but I would imagine
> that you could write an Erlang MapReduce job to iterate the data structures
> directly; this is suboptimal, but should be possible.
> Search has first class support, and has Solr extractors for all of the
> data types.  You can use this to simulate 2i behavior with Yokozuna.
> Here’s an example in Erlang of how to use YZ with CRDTs:
> Thanks,
> - Chris
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