how to upload a file to rickcs server ?

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Wed Jan 21 20:47:11 EST 2015

dear friend 
recently, I installed a rickcs server myself,
then I tried to use the aws s3 interface to upload a file to my rickcs server .

the client side code:
var bucket = new AWS.S3({params: {
Bucket: 'test-bucket',
accessKeyId : 'DVJDPQGX8QG3QLR_T-J2',
secretAccessKey: '6cThOUXOmxHNAlsjyJzE03-Ph2caqIlAiaG7oQ==',
sslEnabled : false,
httpOptions :{proxy :'',xhrWithCredentials :true}
// endpoint:''
var params = {Key:, ContentType: file.type, Body: file};
bucket.upload(params, function (err, data) {
results.innerHTML = err ? 'ERROR!' : 'UPLOADED.';

as a result ,i failed, there is no response information from the server and the file is not uploaded to the server !

now I doubt that maybe it is because the limit to The same-origin policy !
so I want to know whether there is a way to confige cors in the server side ,
or orther ways to solve my problem!

if it is the fault of my client side code,please correct me !

the best wishes!‍

comment :

I used the aws s3 javascript interface in the client side !‍
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