question reg. delayed relocation of nodes in the new cluster.

ROMAN SHESTAKOV romanshestakov at
Thu Jan 29 15:40:32 EST 2015


I am new to riak_core and currently I am evaluating riak_core for one of the potential projects. I am facing the following oddity and I am not sure if it is by design or because I misconfigured something.

I have a riak_core ring with 3 physical nodes. When I joined first two nodes in the cluster( by riak_admin cluster plan; risk_admin cluster commit) the risk_admin member-status showed that cluster is in valid state but all the nodes (100%) were still sitting on the first node and both nodes showing pending 50%.

I was expecting the cluster to rebalance relatively quickly but nothing was happening until I restarted one of the nodes. When the node came up, member-status showed that 25% of the nodes being moved to the second node. Another restart resulted in complete rebalance 50% - 50% between nodes.

I removed data/ring dir on both nodes and tried to join all 3 available nodes into a new cluster - the same thing happened but this time the split of pending nodes was roughly 33%/33%/34% (as expected). The cluster rebalanced only after I bounced the nodes few times.

Is this expected behaviour? I was expecting that the act of committing the cluster plan would trigger the vnode relocation between the physical nodes?

to clarify - this is brand new riak_core app without *any* of custom functionality for handoff implemented. 

apologies if this is a stupid question - as I said I am just starting with playing with riak_core.

Regards, Roman

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