Still getting peaks on solr queries

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Fri Mar 6 17:07:45 EST 2015

Hello Alexander,

I would definitely take a look at how much RAM each node has. You can adjust the max heap size in riak.conf by changing search.solr.jvm_options max heap size values from -Xmx1g to -Xmx2g or more. I’d also take a look at <>, which has links to Solr performance issues/factors and ways to monitor Solr.

You can get more statistical information for search by using `riak-admin stat show <statistic>`. Our documentation of these statistics is still in progress, but you can see what’s available for search here: <>.


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> On Mar 6, 2015, at 4:36 PM, Alexander Popov <mogadanez at> wrote:
> I not have stable reproduce but peaks happens several times in day and takes 10-50 sec.
> some times it happens on very low traffic, so I think it not related on traffic.
> Looks like query is locked somehow.  
> What can I do for troubleshoot peaks? Enable addition logs or Monitoring ? 
> There is no errors in logs at time of the peaks
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