Feedback for GSoC project - RIak Destination for Syslog-ng

Parth Oberoi htrapdev at
Sat May 2 08:48:20 EDT 2015

Hello Everyone,

My proposal[0] for adding Riak as a destination to Syslog-ng was accepted
for GSoC2015, so before my coding period begins i.e. 25th May, I wanted to
do some ground work and take some feedback from the potential users.
The proposal[0] contains all the initial implementation details which might
require improvement .
Therefore if some of you could take a look and give me some feedback on it,
would  help me greatly.
Below are a few links to important snippets of the proposal.

[0] -

*Goals for the project :-*

*Development Tools :-*

*Deliverables :-*

*My scheduled Plan:-*

Thanks in advance.

Parth Oberoi
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