Clarifying withoutFetch() with LevelDB and

Daniel Iwan iwan.daniel at
Wed May 13 11:03:38 EDT 2015

We are using Java client 1.1.4.
We haven't moved to newer version of Riak as as for the moment we don't need
any new features.
Also roll out of the new version may be complicated since we have multiple

As with regards to object size its ~250-300 bytes per write. We store simple
JSON structures.

Is there anything in new versions that would limit size of data going to the
And more importantly is there a way of determining why levelDB grows so big?

I'm using ring size 128 which is probably too high at the moment, but after
switching to 64 not much has  changed.
I also disabled 2i indexes that I thought may matter (four 16 bytes fields)
and that did not made any difference, still 25-38MB/s write to level db per


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