Java client 1.1.4 and headOnly() in domain buckets

Daniel Iwan iwan.daniel at
Wed May 13 13:25:02 EDT 2015

Hi Alex

>> It appears that the domain buckets api does not support headOnly().  That
>> api was written to be a higher-level abstraction around a common usage,
>> so
>> it abstracted that idea of head vs object data away.  

I think it may be quite useful functionality anyway, to check the existence
of a key.
This is what I'm using it for to avoid loading big objects from leveldb.
Can you confirm if that operation does not read data from the backend or is
there any other better way to check existence of the key?

>> If you need that support, I would use the regular bucket methods instead.

That's what I ended up doing although it's not convenient to have two bucket
instances configured differently to access data in one way or another i.e.
writing through DomainBucket, checking keys through regular bucket.


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