riak source build error.

Atul Sowani sowani at gmail.com
Tue May 19 07:23:29 EDT 2015


I am new to this mailing list. I am trying to build riak from source on
Ubuntu 14.10. I cloned riak code from GitHub and as given in "Building
Riak" section of README.org file, issued "make rel" command. Everything
seemed to compile fine, until I received following error as in the log
snippet below:

==> riak (compile)
./rebar generate
==> rel (generate)
ERROR: Unable to generate spec: read file info
/usr/lib/erlang/man/man1/gem.1.gz failed
ERROR: Unexpected error: rebar_abort
ERROR: generate failed while processing /home/test/riak/rel: rebar_abort
Makefile:34: recipe for target 'generate' failed
make: *** [generate] Error 1

/usr/lib/erlang/man/man1/gem.1.gz file is present and is a valid file
(meaning not an empty file, inaccessible file etc.)

I have no idea how to get around this error. Any help is highly appreciated.

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