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Dmitri Zagidulin dzagidulin at basho.com
Mon May 25 13:14:44 EDT 2015

Hi Mohamad.

Good questions. You can install Stanchion on the HA proxy load balancer
node, or a separate standalone node, whichever you prefer.

Stanchion exists only to provide serialization (essentially, a gatekeeper
process) for the creation of new users and new buckets, only. As you
mentioned, only 1 Stanchion node can be active at a time.  If Stanchion
fails, users will still be able to read and write from existing buckets and
objects, but no new users or new buckets will be created until it returns.
You can keep a spare Stanchion node on standby (similar to how you can keep
a spare HA proxy node) and activate it if the first one goes down.

On Mon, May 18, 2015 at 10:39 PM, Mohamad Taufiq <taufiq at bukalapak.com>

> Hello, i want to ask a question. My company will implement private cloud
> storage using riak cs. We have 5 servers that will be our riak nodes, and
> we have 1 swrver for HA proxy load balancer.
> The question is, the documentation says that only 1 stanchion for a
> cluster, so where should i install stanchion ? And what if tge stanchion is
> fails ? Because there is only 1 stanchion node in my cluster ?
> Thank you
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