node_put_fsm_active maxing out

Chris Read at
Tue Nov 3 13:47:09 EST 2015

Greetings all...

We've been building riak from source for a while, but I've had trouble
getting the 2.1 lines built reliably and so would like to revert back to
using the .deb package. The problem I have is that in our test environment
we always manage to max out node_put_fsm_active under sustained write
loads, and they never drop.

When running riak 2.0.4 on R16B02-basho5 (our current prod version)
everything is working as expected.

Using the .deb package of 2.0.4 pushes us to R16B02_basho6, which is where
we see the problem arrive of node_puts_fsm_active going up and never
dropping back own again, even after the write load stops.

Further testing with the riak 2.0.6 2.1.1 .deb packages (both contain
R16B02_basho8) show the same problem.

Questions I have are:

1) Anyone else seen this?
2) Is there any way I can see why these FSM's appear to be deadlocked?


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