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Recently we upgrade our core application written in erlang that uses riak erlang client with protobuffs, before this upgrade we use a simple load balancer between nodes, so in a simple gen_server a pid is created and keep into the state, but some times the pid will be disconnected and we must connect again.

So for that reason we decide use other strategy, we fork the project riak-erlang-client and decide to make a small change, we add in the options of the start_link function (where pid is created) a new option called: mod_callback, with this we send back the response of the pid, so the callback module knows that a pid was created and then added to the load balancer, all pids are managed by a supervisor, so when a problem occurs the supervisor restart a child and then the option mod_callback notifies to our load balancer so we can keep it into the state.

This change is here: <>

If you consider that this commit will be into your main repo, we can open a pull request, 

Than you very much!

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