Riak doesn't start anymore after server crash - no errors logged

Steven Sylvester ssylvester at basho.com
Wed Nov 11 19:05:53 EST 2015

Hi Markus,

One thing that stands out in what you pasted is the following line:

2015-11-09 11:31:45.263 [info] <0.73.0> alarm_handler:

Check the output of `df` and add nodes/disk as necessary to keep your disk
usage at a manageable level. Our docs recommend keeping disk use below 60%:

Disk capacity issues can sneak up on you due to some backend operations
that require a lot of space all at once, such as Bitcask merging or AAE.
*Bad things* tend to happen to a Riak cluster with full disks, including
data loss/corruption.

Other than that, are there any changes that have been made to the
environment lately? Have you performed any upgrades recently?

Check the output of `ps aux` and kill any processes related to Riak, such
as any instances of `beam.smp` before attempting to start the node again.

If the node won't start after these troubleshooting steps, run `riak
console`  which will attempt to start the node and put you into an Erlang
attach shell. Monitor the messages that are printed to stdout and if/when
it seems to hang, paste the output of the whole thing here and we can take
a look.

Steven Sylvester, CISSP
Client Services Engineer
Basho Technologies
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