riak-cs sync buckets from S3 to Riak-cs

Alberto Ayllon aayllon at qdqmedia.com
Thu Nov 12 12:40:42 EST 2015


I'm new using Riak and Riak-cs, I have installed a Riak-cs cluster with 4
nodes and it works fine,

Here is my question,  the company where I work has some buckets in Amazon
s3, and I would like migrate objects from these buckets to our Riak-cs
installation, as far as I know I can do it using S3FUSE or S3BACKER,
mounting buckets as a filesystem, but would like avoid mount it as
filesystem. I tried it with boto python library, using the copy_key method,
but it doesn't work.

Has anybody try with success synchronize buckets from AS3 to Riak-CS?


P:D: Excuse for my English.
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