Reg. Keys not synced in RIAK Replication

Ram C svamyboo.ram at
Fri Nov 13 04:59:07 EST 2015


I have a couple of RIAK clusters, both running on RIAK version 1.4.10.  The
reason for 2 clusters is we are moving from one set of hardware to another.
Full sync and real-time sync is enabled between them. Issuing the "riak-repl
status" command says that the sync is working fine.

The issue I am facing is, the count of the keys do not match between the
source and the destination cluster in a specific application bucket. Based
on the key count on source and destination cluster, I could see that 4000+
keys that are present in the source, that are not present in the

For example:
Source Cluster, Key Count - 104,000
Destination Cluster, Key Count - 100,000

The Source Cluster is currently taking traffic, while Destination Cluster is
idle.  We plan to switch traffic once we have complete replication of keys.

Could you please advise if there is a recommended way to identify/move those
4000 keys that are not synced to the destination cluster?

Ram C

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