Riak CS/Stanchion troubleshooting (Retrieval of user record)

Vladyslav Zakhozhai v.zakhozhai at smartweb.com.ua
Fri Nov 13 12:04:59 EST 2015


I have Riak CS cluster with 18 nodes. On each node there is Riak CS and
Riak service and one Stanchion node.

Riak 1.4.12
Riak CS 1.5.0
Stanchion 1.5.0

Riak CS and Riak allocated behind HAProxy balancers:

WAN -> HAProxy -> Riak CS nodes -> HAProxy -> Riak nodes.
Stanchion -> HAProxy -> Riak

Today due a spike of traffic load (about 1000 rps) on the cluster 50% of
Riak CS returned HTTP 500 and 503 (querying /riak-cs/ping resource also was
not successful).

In Riak CS logs I've seen the following messages:

2015-11-13 13:13:09.514 [error]
<0.11264.1387>@riak_cs_wm_common:maybe_create_user:222 Retrieval of user
record for s3 failed. Reason: disconnected

In Riak CS logs I see the following:
2015-11-13 17:31:52.995 [error] <0.11254.6534> Lager event handler
error_logger_lager_h exited with reason

I suspect that there were problem between Riak CS - Stanhion or Stanhion -
Riak. I have no clear idea in Stanchion troubleshooting. The main reason is
the following. Stanhion works fine, service is up (answers on ping
command). But it is very laconic: there is almost nothing in console and
error logs (even with debug log level).

Riak CS adds, removes, gets properties through Stanchion service. Am I
right? I can't exactly understand where is my bottleneck - Riak, Riak CS or

When we need authenticated access for reading object from bucket do we need
Stanchion? If not I can't understand why I had a lot of error during
getting objects from Riak CS.

Thank you in advance.

P. S. Sometimes when there is some issues with Riak CS - Stanchion
connectivity I need to restart Riak CS.
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