limit of bucket/solr indexes

Damien Krotkine damien.krotkine at
Thu Nov 19 15:15:18 EST 2015

Alexander Popov wrote:
> 1. does Riak have restrictions on bucket numbers?
In practical life no, as long as you use bucket-types properly.

> 2. same for SOLR indexes?

I assume you'll want one index per bucket. SOLR indexes are mostly 
limited by the RAM and disk space that you can throw at them

> Interesting not theoretical, but practical limits when it start works 
>  bad.
> Use case: we want split users bucket to bucket-per-team  model,
> this bucket have also solr index on top. Can it work for  1000 teams? 
> 10k? 100k?

You should create a unique bucket-type, and have all these team buckets 
under that same bucket-type. That would work fine for 10k or 100k. For 
100k, especially if you have 100k SOLR indexes, I recommend that you 
have a solid cluster, something like dozens of boxes with a lot of RAM 
(100G looks good) and CPUs (8 or 12)

Of course these numbers are completely guestimate, because I have no 
idea what your workload will be.


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