Memory Errors when using RiakCS

Ben Rudolph brudolph at
Mon Nov 23 13:30:13 EST 2015


We've been trying to setup RiakCS for storing files on our website, It's been difficult for us to deploy because we've
been having issues with our servers not being able to start Riak due to
memory errors. Here's what a traceback looks like when I try and start Riak
with `riak-console`:

config is OK
> -config /var/lib/riak-cs/generated.configs/app.2015.
> -args_file /var/lib/riak-cs/generated.configs/vm.2015.
> -vm_args /var/lib/riak-cs/generated.configs/vm.2015.
> Exec:  /usr/lib/riak-cs/erts-5.10.3/bin/erlexec -boot
> /usr/lib/riak-cs/releases/2.0.1/riak-cs               -config
> /var/lib/riak-cs/generated.configs/app.2015.
> -args_file /var/lib/riak-cs/generated.configs/vm.2015.
> -vm_args /var/lib/riak-cs/generated.configs/vm.2015.
>          -pa /usr/lib/riak-cs/lib/basho-patches -- console
> Root: /usr/lib/riak-cs
> Erlang R16B02_basho8 (erts-5.10.3) [source] [64-bit] [smp:8:8]
> [async-threads:64] [kernel-poll:true] [frame-pointer]
> =INFO REPORT==== 23-Nov-2015::18:11:18 ===
>     alarm_handler: {set,{system_memory_high_watermark,[]}}
> =INFO REPORT==== 23-Nov-2015::18:11:18 ===
> opening log file: "/var/log/riak-cs/access.log.2015_11_23_18"
> Eshell V5.10.3  (abort with ^G)
> (**)1> [os_mon] memory supervisor port (memsup): Erlang has closed

The machines we are trying to deploy to have 8GB of RAM and also running a
few other services, but have 3-4GB of RAM available. Are there any
configuration params we can use so it consumes less memory? I've taken a
look at the `system_memory_high_watermark` which is the error we see ( Our
configs can be found here in case that's useful:

Any insight would be useful! Thank you!

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