How to control max RAM size of a Solr process?

Jason Voegele jvoegele at
Tue Nov 24 10:55:46 EST 2015

> On Nov 24, 2015, at 4:03 AM, mtakahashi-ivi <mtakahashi at> wrote:
> If I use riak search, riak launches solr process.
> After I put half a million objects, Solr process allocates bigger size of
> RAM than I set in search.solr.jvm_options.
> For example, even if I set "-Xmx 512", Solr process allocates 2GB of memory.
> My questions are
> * How to control max RAM size of a Solr process?
> * What the off-heap memory is used for?

Hi Masanori,

Can you please provide the full and exact value you have for the search.sol.jvm_options property? Better yet, your full Riak config file if you can share it.

As for off-heap memory, I don’t believe Solr utilizes off-heap memory in any way. Do you have any indication otherwise?

Jason Voegele
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