Riak Ruby Client 2.2.2

Bryce Kerley bryce at basho.com
Tue Nov 24 12:34:56 EST 2015

The Riak Ruby Client has been updated to version 2.2.2, which is a bugfix release.

* Corrected Hidekazu Tanaka's name in the 2.2.1 release notes.
* Deleting maps inside map CRDTs works, thanks to Kazuhiro Suzuki.
* Fix `Riak::Search::Index` documentation in the readme, thanks to Zshawn Syed.
* Tighten up the i18n gem requirement, thanks to Sean Kelly.

To update your applications to use this newest version:

1) Make sure your Gemfile’s version declaration for riak-client does not rule out a 2.2.2 version.
2) Run `bundle update`
3) Run your tests and make sure everything works

This release mostly includes changes by and for users like you! If you have any issues, please let us know!

Bryce Kerley
bryce at basho.com
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