Deleted keys come back

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Wed Oct 7 07:35:59 EDT 2015


I'm using riak KV in 2 nodes cluster.
I inserted hundreds of key/value pair and deleted all keys in a bucket.
After above process, I can get some keys if I get list of keys in the
Why those keys remain? How do I delete keys reliably?
If I increase number of nodes to 5 , I can delete all keys in the bucket as
same way as I did.
My bucket property is the following.

  "props": {
    "name": "BUCKET_A",
    "active": true,
    "allow_mult": false,
    "basic_quorum": false,
    "big_vclock": 50,
    "chash_keyfun": {
      "mod": "riak_core_util",
      "fun": "chash_std_keyfun"
    "claimant": "riak at",
    "dvv_enabled": true,
    "dw": "quorum",
    "last_write_wins": false,
    "linkfun": {
      "mod": "riak_kv_wm_link_walker",
      "fun": "mapreduce_linkfun"
    "n_val": 2,
    "notfound_ok": false,
    "old_vclock": 86400,
    "postcommit": [],
    "pr": 0,
    "precommit": [],
    "pw": 0,
    "r": 1,
    "rw": "quorum",
    "search_index": "BUCKET_A_INDEX",
    "small_vclock": 50,
    "w": 1,
    "young_vclock": 20

Masanori Takahashi

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