Performance with riak can't reach expected

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Wed Oct 7 08:21:58 EDT 2015

Hi Yang,

Could you say a little more about what your requirements are, particularly around reliability?  For example, what is your n_val, if you are using a 2-node cluster?

It would also help to know how many worker processes you have in your basho bench config (the concurrent setting), as well as more information about your scenario.  Are you using CRDTs?  Allowing siblings?  Or using strong consistency, etc.



> On Oct 7, 2015, at 7:30 AM, 张扬 <zhangyang at> wrote:
> I benchmark riak's performance using basho_bench in the last days. But the performance is unsatisfying.
> I have a 2 node cluster, each node running on the same vm(8 CPU, 32 GB 
> RAM). Riak's storage_backend is memory. The total ops could reach 10000 
> with the put command. Can I do something to make the performance better ?
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> Yang Zhang
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