Is storing billions of small files a good Riak-CS/KV usecase?

David Heidt david.heidt at
Wed Oct 7 09:43:29 EDT 2015

Hi List,

would you say that storing billions of very small (json) files is a good
usecase for riak kv or cs?

here's what I would do:

* create daily buckets ( i.e. 2015-10-07)
* up to 130 Million inserts per day
* about 150.000 read-ony accesses/day
* no updates on existing keys/files
* delete buckets (including keys/files) older than x days

I already have a working riak-kv/leveldb cluster (inserts and lookups are
 going smoothly), but when it comes to mass deletion of keys I found no way
to do this.


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