riak health check

Ali Rıza KELEŞ ali.r.keles at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 05:23:18 EDT 2015


I have a riak cluster of 5 nodes, runinng strong consistent and behind
an HaProxy. Yesterday I needed to replace a node which was misplaced.
I removed the node and all was OK. Other nodes responded all requests
properly and my application continued to run well.

I created a new node and make it join the cluster. Application logged
some riak errors for 10 or 15 seconds, just after re-clustering. After
this period of errors, everything was OK again.

I have an idea why I encountered this stiuation but i am not sure.
HaProxy health checks got OK from the new node, unless it wasn't ready
or even it wasn't a member of riak cluster. And some requests
redirected by haproxy to this new alive node.

If this scenario is correct, then i need to make haproxy more clever
by tuning health check. "option httpchk GET /ping" is not enough to
identify a node is really ready for requests. Is there any fine tuned
way to achieve this.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Ali Rıza Keleş

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