Deleted keys come back

Alexander Sicular siculars at
Thu Oct 8 08:12:49 EDT 2015

Seconded. This makes your cluster so fresh, so clean for new tests. 

For node in nodes 
  Stop node
  Do stuff (ie. delete data directory)
  Start node

That general pattern is known as rolling restarts and is more or less how Basho recommends doing maintenance on a Riak cluster. 



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> On Oct 7, 2015, at 09:19, Dmitri Zagidulin <dzagidulin at> wrote:
> Also, if you're deleting things for unit tests, there's an easier way. Instead of deleting the bucket object-by-object, you can just stop the node, and clear the bitcask (or leveldb) data directory. (That's going to get rid of all the data in the cluster, which is what you want to do for unit tests anyways.)

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