crash in riak-cs

Gautam Pulla Gautam.Pulla at
Wed Oct 14 13:44:19 EDT 2015


I'm seeing the following error in the riak-cs logs on sending a list-buckets request. The request fails as well. Is this a known/fixed issue? I am running version 2.0.1-1.

2015-10-10 18:53:55.828 [error] <0.768.5> CRASH REPORT Process <0.768.5> with 1 neighbours exited with reason: bad argument in call to binary:match(<<"2011/06/10/12/clicks_tdpartnerid_v2_2011-06-10T12_2011-06-10T13.log.gz">>, [<<>>]) in riak_cs_list_objects_utils:extract_group/2 line 197 in gen_fsm:terminate/7 line 622


PS: This is a re-send of my first message sent on 10/10. The original message appears delayed in moderation, so I'm resending after joining the list.
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