Community Competition Starts Now! (+ Riak Recap)

Matthew Brender mbrender at
Wed Oct 28 16:33:07 EDT 2015

Riak Recap is a little early this week to let you know about our RICON
Community Competition!

## RICON Competition
Join your friends in building or updating *any* demo of Basho products
and win branging rights next week. You can participate whether you
will be at RICON or participating online, so jump in and share your
code! [0]

* There's still time to join in on RICON - the distributed systems
conference. As a community member, you can take the $100 off your
ticket with the Basho100 code. This discount code will expire on
October 31. Click here to use it:

## Recently Answered
* Luke points out that the Java client uses protobuf on port 8087 by default [1]
* Allen runs into Riak KV requiring erlang16, not 17 just yet [2]
* Jon confirms how a node handles a cluster join without getting to
cluster plan/commit [3]
* Stale key retrieval was resolved for Masanori by setting W=2 [4]
* Jon confirms you can use Riak with Spring Data [5]
* Shino helped work around a S3 API bug a user had while using Riak S2
(aka Riak CS) [6]
* David offers a thoughtful Bahso Docs PR to clarify CRDT merge behavior [7]

## Open Discussions
* Mohamad sees some surprising disk usage he would like to explore on
bitcask [8]
* Ali has a follow up question about node status for a health check script [9]

## New Releases
* Riak S2 2.1 (aka Riak CS) is available! [10]

Have a great weekend,
Matt Brender
Developer Advocate @ Basho


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