Riak KV vs Riak TS

Alex De la rosa alex.rosa.box at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 07:42:06 EDT 2016

Hi there,

I had been building a project for a while (i got stuck with work and kinda
got delayed for a year until now that i could resume it) and I was planning
to use the following setup (the project is a social network... so imagine
something like Facebook)

- Riak CS: Video storage and streaming
- Riak KV: Everything else... Users, Profiles, Photos, Statuses, Likes,
Counters, etc...

For what I've seen now, Riak CS is gone; I guess it was replaced by Riak
S2... and now there is the new Riak TS. Now I wonder if Riak TS could be
good for my project and what use case I could really give it (maybe user's
status updates?)

However, in this situation I could think of:

- Riak S2: Video storage and streaming (photo storage too)
- Riak TS: Statuses, Updates, News, etc...
- Riak KV: Users, Profiles, Settings

Is this something to think of going forward? Also... would I require a
cluster of at least 5 servers for each Riak variant?? That would require a
minimum of 15 servers just to start!... a bit too much.

Can somebody enlighten me a little on this new Riak TS? Also, is not yet
available to download/test?

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