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Phillips, Jared R jared.phillips at hexagonsi.com
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Using the Riak .NET client, what is the best way to execute CRDT commands as part of a batch?  For example, I would like to wrap the FetchMap command together with other commands and send them to Riak as a group so as to reduce the number of round trips to the server.  My API has no expectations regarding execution order or transactional behavior.  It appears this was possible at one point using the DtFetchMap method on the IRiakBatchClient interface, but it is now marked as deprecated along with all the other "Dt" methods on this interface.  Since the consumers of my API only rely on batching as a performance optimization, I am currently invoking commands individually using the Execute method on the IRiakClient interface.  I am hoping to improve on this though.

Any guidance would be appreciated as  I am very new to Riak.


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