Riak Recap April 22nd, 2016

Alexander Sicular siculars at basho.com
Fri Apr 22 13:01:07 EDT 2016

Hello All,

Here’s what’s been going on over the last few weeks. A bug fix release, a
new product release, a number of talks, a bunch of questions and an open

Hey you! Ya, you! We want to hear from you. Are you working on or speaking
about something Riak related and would like to be highlighted? Send me a
note, let me know what you’re up to and I’ll get your talk or blog post in
the next Riak Recap.

## Announcements


   Riak KV 2.1.4 has been released and is available for download [1]. This
   release contains fixes for the Riak init file Product Advisory and the
   leveldb segfault Product Advisory. Please review the Release Notes [2] for
   more details before upgrading.

   Redis Add-on 1.1 is now available for Riak Enterprise [3]. Redis Add-on
   allows you to integrate Redis as a read-through or write-around cache into
   your data pipeline.

## Community Events


   Seema Jethani, Director of Product, @seemaj, will be speaking at Data By
   the Bay in San Francisco on May 19th on working with time series data from
   the London Air Quality Network in Riak TS and other projects [4].

   Yours truly (me!) will be speaking in Dallas on May 5th about Riak TS
   architecture at the North Texas DAMA meetup [5]. Come say hello.

   Basho Engineer Jason Voegele, @jvoegele, will be giving a talk at
   LambdaConf in Boulder, CO entitled “Dialyzer: Optimistic Type Checking for
   Erlang and Elixir” [6].

## Recently Answered


   Saran was able to fix his Solr not starting issue [7] by correcting the
   internal ip address in the configuration file [8].

   Because Riak is written in Erlang you are able to modify a number of
   config parameters without bouncing the VM. Nevertheless, there are a few
   parameters that can not be changed without a bump. Luke confirms Edgar’s
   concerns that, at the moment, changing an ip address requires a reboot of
   the Erlang virtual machine [9].

   Fasil is looking for ways to remotely configure bucket types [10].
   Vitaly confirms that certain operations are only available via the command
   line and not in the API [11].

   Jim is experiencing a particular flavor of Solr timeouts [12] which Fred
   pinpoints to certain areas in the code and recommends making changes to
   hard coded timeouts [13]. Jim verifies the issue but is unhappy about
   making those changes, testing continues with a new JVM version [14].

   Alex was having some issues testing against his single node cluster
   [15]. Luke verified that the ring file needed to be reset [16].

   In case you were wondering, Riak S2 is the same as Riak CS [17]. Riak CS
   has been rebranded Riak S2.

   Luke helps Satish work through some ulimit issues [18]. Riak noms fd’s…
   feed it!

   Surajit found a broken link in the docs [19]. The documentation team
   always welcomes community feedback. If you see something - say something!

   Jared is looking for enhancements to the .NET client [21]. Luke drops
   him an example and lets us know that enhancements are on the way in the
   next version [22].

   Shifeng is looking for details on how to delete and reclaim used disk in
   Riak [23]. Alexander (me!) answers with additional food for thought [24].

   Harjot has some requirements for his time series related project and is
   looking for some feedback on the Riak TS product roadmap [25]. Seema,
   Director of Product at Basho lets us know what’s coming up next [26]. If
   you have a project that needs certain features - let us know!

## Open Discussions


   In this long running thread Fred drops some Erlang which gets the build
   times of individual partition hash trees to help debug Oleksiy’s
   inconsistent Solr search results [27].

   Alex is looking for advice regarding whether or not Riak TS would be
   better suited in certain use cases over Riak KV for his social network
   project [28].

   Fred asks Anil for more details on his solr duplicate records issue [29].

   Luke is looking for more information from Joe on his indexing design
   question [30].

   Michael is looking for some guidance on properly sizing a Riak S2
   cluster [31].

## Jobs at Basho

Interested in working on distributed computing related problems? Perhaps
these open positions at Basho may be of interest:


   Client Services Engineer (USA) [32]

Till next time,

-Alexander Sicular

Solution Architect, Basho


[1] http://docs.basho.com/riak/kv/2.1.4/downloads/

[2] http://docs.basho.com/riak/kv/2.1.4/release-notes/

[3] http://docs.basho.com/riak/kv/2.1.4/add-ons/redis/redis-add-on-features/



[6] http://lambdaconf.us/#schedule


























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