Migrating to riak 2.1.4, selecting a specific multi-backend from the Java Client

Henning Verbeek hankipanky at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 04:38:09 EDT 2016

Good morning Alex,

On Tue, Aug 9, 2016 at 8:47 PM, Alex Moore <amoore at basho.com> wrote:
>> Is this equivalent to specifying a bucket type?
> Not exactly, that code will set the backend for that bucket, which is in the
> default bucket type.
> If you need to specify a bucket-type, it's just an extra parameter on the
> Namespace ctor:
> Namespace ns = new Namespace(bucketType, bucketName);
> If you'd like everything in a bucket-type to be on the memory backend, you
> should be able to specify that backend in the bucket type properties when
> creating it with riak-admin. The bucket type'd namespace wont' be available
> to the old Riak nodes though :/

Thanks. From this I understand that my "old" way (no bucket types)
will continue to work, right? At least for the short while where I
have a mixed bucket.

I still struggle with bucket types. In my mind, it is not ideal to
have to switch to the console (riak-admin) to set application-specific
properties. I'd much prefer if I could set/query/confirm such
properties in the initialisation code of my application; that way it
can't be forgotten. riak-admin is a manual operation and hence

Looking at http://docs.basho.com/riak/kv/2.1.4/using/cluster-operations/bucket-types/,
it is not clear to me, if actions get propagated throughout the
cluster, or if it must be repeated on each cluster node. "bucket
properties are gossiped around", but what about bucket types? Is there
a way to detect what bucket-types exist, what has been activated, and
with what properties?
I find the blue box ("how many buckets can I have") difficult to
follow. After some time I understand from it: don't modify default
bucket properties, rather define the desired properties in a bucket
type, then use the bucket type when interacting with the bucket.

It is not clear to me, if bucket types can later be associated with
buckets that used the default bucket-type in the past. If bucket-types
are part of the namespace, I guess no. Maybe worth mentioning this in
the migration section?

I'm also looking for documentation, what properties can be set in a bucket type.

>>  How does a cluster behave where some nodes have the multibackend
>> configured (in riak.conf), and others not (because you forgot)?
>> What happens if you configure the multibackend afterwards? Is the
>> bucket with all its data being migrated? Can you detect in which
>> *backend* an object is located?
> Anything without the multibackend config should automatically save/load to
> whatever the configured (or default) backend is.   If you configure it
> afterwards, the data won't be available b/c it's on a backend it's now not
> configured for.

Thanks, that makes it very clear.


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