Riak search, post schema change reindexation

Guillaume Boddaert guillaume at lighthouse-analytics.co
Mon Aug 29 11:27:47 EDT 2016

Hi Fred, thanks for your answer.

I'm using Riak 2.1 see attached status export.
I'm working on a single cluster, and need to update from time to time 
the some search index on all nodes.
As a cloud user, I can consider buying a spare host for a few days in 
order to achieve a complete rollout.

I can understand your plan to remove an host from production while it 
reconstruct its index. From my point of view your solution can only be 
applied on a broken Solr index, that needs to be rebuild from scratch on 
a single host.
In my case, I need to reindex my documents because I was updated my solr 
schema, which requires to wipe existing index beforehand (create new 
index, change bucket index_name prop, drop old index), on all hosts 
since that's a bucket type property that I need to update.

Fred, is your plan can be really applied on a « I want to update my 
search schema on my full cluster » ?

At the moment, I already created the new index, destroyed the old one, 
and I am unable to use a slow python script to force all items to be 
written again (and subsequently pushed to solr) since I get regular 
timeout on key stream API (both protobuff and http).
Is there a way to run a program inside riak nodes (not http, not 
protobuf) to achieve this simple algorithm:

for key in bucket.stream_keys():
   obj = bucket.get(key)

I really fear that will not be able to restore my index any time soon. I 
am not stressed out because we are not in production yet, I have still 
plenty of time to fix that as new data is available. But this kind of 
complex operations required by index update really freak me out.


On 29/08/2016 14:41, Fred Dushin wrote:
> Hi Guillame,
> A few questions.
> What version of Riak?
> Does the reindexing need to occur across the entire cluster, or just 
> on one node?
> What are the expectations about query-ability while re-indexing is 
> going on?
> If you can afford to take a node out of commission for query, then one 
> approach would be to delete your YZ data and YZ AAE trees, and let AAE 
> sync your 30 million documents from Riak.  You can increase AAE tree 
> rebuild and exchange concurrency to make that occur more quickly than 
> it does by default, but that will put a fairly significant load on 
> that node.  Moreover, because you have deleted indexed data on one 
> node, you will get inconsistent search results from Yokozuna, as the 
> node being reindexed will still show up as part of a coverage plan. 
>  Depending on the version of Riak, however, you may be able to 
> manually remove that node from coverage plans through the Riak console 
> while re-indexing is going on.  The node is still available for Riak 
> get/put operations (including indexing new entries into Solr), but it 
> will be excluded from any cover set when a query plan is generated.  I 
> can't guarantee that this would take less than 5 days, however.
> -Fred
>> On Aug 29, 2016, at 3:56 AM, Guillaume Boddaert 
>> <guillaume at lighthouse-analytics.co 
>> <mailto:guillaume at lighthouse-analytics.co>> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I recently needed to alter my Riak Search schema for a bucket type 
>> that contains ~30 millions rows. As a result, my index was wiped 
>> since we are waiting for a Riak Search 2.2 feature that will sync 
>> Riak storage with Solr index on such an occasion.
>> I adapted a since script suggested by Evren Esat Özkan there 
>> (https://github.com/basho/yokozuna/issues/130#issuecomment-196189344). It 
>> is a simple python script that will stream keys and trigger a store 
>> action for any items. Unfortunately it failed past 178k items due to 
>> time out on the key stream. I calculated that this kind of 
>> reindexation mechanism would take up to 5 days without a crash to 
>> succeed.
>> I was wondering if there would be a pure Erlang mean to achieve a 
>> complete forced rewrite of every single element in my bucket type 
>> rather that an error prone and very long python process.
>> How would you guys reindex a 30 million item bucket type in a fast 
>> and reliable way ?
>> Thanks, Guillaume
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