A Solr join query in Riak KV?

Joe Olson technology at nododos.com
Mon Feb 8 14:36:36 EST 2016

I'm trying to get a Solr join query to work on our Riak KV cluster. 

The Solr join query is documented here: 


Using the example under the "Compared to SQL" heading, I am formatting my http request to Riak as: 

curl "http://<cluster IP>:8098/search/query/<riak-index>?wt=json&df=_yz_rk&fl=xxx,yyy&q={%21join+from=<inner_id>+to=<outer_id>}zzz:vvv" | jsonpp 

The Riak listener will accept this query, but will return no documents. I've verified each half of the query returns data when queried standalone using the non-join notation. 

Is anyone currently using Solr localparms notation successfully in Riak KV? 
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