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Colin Walker colin at
Sun Feb 21 13:23:05 EST 2016

Hello again everyone,

Since I am using Java, I ended up going with a solution where I just used
the langdetect library right in my Java code and simply appended the
language code to the strings I want to be able to search. I've found it's
actually much easier than configuring the update request handlers since I
can test and see what's going on with my code much more easily. I'm not
sure what the appetite is for others but I won't be needing the extracting
request handlers feature.

After enabling this, however, I began to get bad performance, in the range
of over 1 minute for insertions. I am assuming this is a Solr issue since
the performance issues only occur on documents that are indexed and which
are being matched to dynamic language fields. Has anyone seen similar
performance issues when mapping language specific fields?


Colin Walker

On Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 3:56 PM, Colin Walker <colin at> wrote:

> Hey everyone,
> I am trying to enable language detection in Solr for my Riak nodes. As far
> as I know this involves adding an extracting request handler in the
> solrconfig.xml for each Yokozuna index I would like to have the handler
> applied to on each node.
> Is there an easy way to configure this in Yokozuna for all nodes? Has
> anyone worked through adding request handlers before?
> Thanks,
> Colin Walker
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