Configure multiple riak clients in a cluster

Chathuri Gunawardhana lanch.gunawardhana at
Mon Feb 22 18:46:23 EST 2016

Hi All,

I'm using distributed version of riak client (here
I could configure one riak client for the cluster. But when I try to start
2, one of them crashes (error suggests that there is a global name
conflict). Can you please suggest me how I can run multiple riak clients on
my cluster?

My configurations are shown below. (Same in both nodes, other than the
riakclient_mynode parameter)

{mode, max}.

{duration,5} .


{operations, [{put,1},{update,1},{get,1}]}.

{driver, basho_bench_driver_riakclient}.

{code_paths, ["/root/Riak/riak/rel/riak/lib/riak_kv-2.1.1-36-g5f58f01",

{key_generator, {int_to_bin_bigendian, {uniform_int, 350}}}.

{value_generator, {fixed_bin, 100}}.

{riakclient_nodes, ['riak at']}.

{riakclient_mynode, ['riak_bench at', longnames]}.

{riakclient_replies, 1}.

Thank you very much!

Chathuri Gunawardhana
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