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> I'm using riak master version on riak github (riak_kv_version :
> <<"2.1.1-38-ga8bc9e0">>)
> . I don't use coverage queries.
> When I try to set the partition count over 1024, it suggest me to do it
> via advanced config (in cuttlefish schema for riak core, there is a
> validation to see whether it is above 1024 and if so they give this
> suggestion). But I don't know how I can add this parameter to
> advanced.config.
> Thank you very much!

Hi Chaturi,

$ riak config describe ring_size
Documentation for ring_size
Number of partitions in the cluster (only valid when first
creating the cluster). Must be a power of 2, minimum 8 and maximum

   Valid Values:
     - an integer
   Default Value : 64
   Value not set in /etc/riak/riak.conf
   Internal key  : riak_core.ring_creation_size

Cuttlefish configuration schemas are self-describing (via the riak config
describe command). You can use the name of the internal key in
advanced.config. If there's nothing else in advanced.config yet, the
setting looks like

   {ring_creation_size, 2048}

Also see
for more details about using the advanced configuration file.

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


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