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Fri Feb 26 00:37:53 EST 2016

Hi Joe,

A standalone node should behave similarly to a clustered node in terms of
data persistence. Actually, I use single-node Riak setups (inside a VM) a
lot for testing. The only differences are ring_size=8 and n_val=1, for
performance reasons.

So, it must be your Riak or VM configuration. Also make sure you don't
delete Riak data directories by mistake when restarting your VM. Another
reason could be that you restart the VM before all the writes have been
flushed to the disk, for example when using Bitcask (
docs.basho.com/riak/latest/ops/advanced/backends/bitcask/), but in that
case you should have lost only the most recent writes.

Hope this helps
I am trying to set up a simple test environment. This environment consists
of a single Riak KV node which has not joined a cluster.

I can populate the single un-clustered node with KV pairs just fine using

However, when I stop the node, and then restart it, all the KV pairs that
were written before the stop are gone.

Is there a way to get a non-cluster joined single node to reload KV data
from disk, or is the only way for a restarted node to re-populate KV pairs
from other nodes in a cluster?

I realize this is an edge case, and I only use it for Virtualbox testing.

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