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On Feb 26, 2016, at 10:40 AM, Colin Walker <colin at> wrote:
> Due to bad planning on my part, Solr is having trouble indexing some of the fields I am sending to it, specifically, I ended up with some string fields in a numerical field. Is there a way to retrieve the records from Riak that have thrown errors in sole?

Hi Colin,

Can you tell us what version of Riak you are running? In recent versions of Riak you can get this information by expiring the AAE trees for Yokozuna and then noting the objects that are flagged as not being indexable. See <> for some background info on AAE and Yokozuna, if needed.

Another possible option is to see if the the “_yz_err” field that is automatically created on certain error conditions might hold the information you need. See <> for info on “_yz_err”.

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